LED Industrial Lighting may benefit Breweries


According to a previous Energy Star abstract, unless breweries take the necessary steps to improve their facilities’ energy efficiency, they are likely to collectively lose more than 200 million on energy consumption each year. That’s precisely where installing industrial lighting fixtures may prove to be a sound investment.

Industrial lighting fixtures have the capability to significantly reduce a brewery’s yearly utility and maintenance costs. In addition, there may be LED industrial lighting rebates and tax credits available to businesses as well. The list of Colorado based utility companies that have a history of offering such rebates to businesses include, but are not confined to the following:

-Morgan County Rural Electric Association
-Mountain View Electric Association
-San Miguel Power Association
-La Plata Electric Association
-Platte River Power Authority
-Colorado Springs Utilities
-Poudre Valley REA
-Black Hills Energy
-United Power
-Xcel Energy

In addition to being more cost-effective, LED industrial lighting fixtures are also eco-friendly. When you consider that the brewing industry is moving towards reducing its carbon footprint, that’s another check mark in the benefits column. Of course those aren’t the only advantages that brewers may reap from installing LED industrial lighting fixtures either.

As you may already be aware, lighting can have a negative impact on a brewer’s product. Some brewers like to refer to it as the skunk or light struck effect. That’s because the UV rays interact with, and forever alter, the hops and brewer’s yeast involved in the brewing process. The end result is a beer with poor color, flavor and aroma. The good news is that LED industrial lighting does not give off UV or IR rays. Hence, the chances that it will negatively impact a brewery’s batch of beer are greatly minimized.

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